Color Coded Books Now Available

Pivotal Tutoring has designed study guides for math as an additional resource for preparing for both academic classes and standardized tests.

Students can use the books

  • to learn at their own pace
  • to review concepts covered in previous math classes taken
  • as a study guide for current math classes
  • to prepare for future classes
  • to review or prepare for standardized tests, college and job placement exams
  • to build confidence

The books:

  • are color coded and easy to understand
  • include concept definitions using easy to understand terms
  • show logical sequence of steps needed to solve problems
  • show multiple methods of solving problems (if applicable)
  • identify common mistakes made by students
  • provide parents the opportunity to help students study and do homework


Available Books


includes Algebra concepts covered in academic classes and on standardized tests

Advanced Algebra

includes Advanced Algebra concepts covered in academic classes and on standardized tests as well as review of basic Algebra concepts needed for Advanced Algebra


includes geometry concepts covered in academic math classes and on standardized tests

Reading Graphs & Tables on the Science Portion of the ACT

analyze various graphs and tables, define controls and variables, understand the scientific method, interpolate and extrapolate data, make predictions, and understand experiment design.

ACT/SAT/GRE Math Concepts Review

includes most commonly tested Algebra, Geometry, and Trig concepts.

Coming Soon!

Middle School Math, Trig, PreCalc, Calculus, & College Algebra


Please email to inquire about price and delivery time.


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