The style of your technique in teaching is truly one of a kind. You somehow manage to put lifelong knowledge into a compact, but well structured curriculum. Thank you for helping me to enhance my critical thinking and time management skills.

Tia K.

I took Pivotal Tutoring's class prior to taking the ACT. Got a 28 my first time


I  bought the Math Concepts book that Mrs. Jo wrote and got a 27 on my math. Amazing since I was taking algebra 2 at the time and never covered some of the concepts that were tested in class. Book covered the basic pre-algebra concepts that I had forgotten all the way to trig. Great resource. I will keep this book for all of my math classes and am planning on taking it to college with me!

C.M., Memphis, TN

ACT score 17 to 21! I get my HOPE scholarship. I never thought I could get a scholarship. Now I can go to college. Thank you.

P.G., Memphis, TN

Miracle worker... you took my totally defeated, "I hate math" child from an "F" in algebra to a "B+". He aced his final exam and the EOC exam. His confidence soared. He asked if he can return to you for Algebra II!

L.W.., Collierville, TN

You need to advertise your ACT class as a "THINKING CLASS". My child told me that you have totally changed the way she approaches math problems and test taking in general. She says you emphasize LOGIC and once she starting analyzing the whole picture, the answers literally POP out. I wish I had known about you years ago. My son could have really benefited from your class.

Parents -- send your child to Mrs. Jo. They will benefit from the skills taught.  "Lifelong learning skills for studying, analyzing and learning concepts" is really a good summary of what the kids get out of her class.

P.Y., Germantown, TN

You really know HOW to take the test. Thanks for helping me raise my ACT score. I've applied your test taking strategies to my regular classes and have raised those grades also. You're the best. I'll be back for the GRE in a few years!!

R. T., Collierville, TN

26...29...29...FINALLY 31 and full ride scholarship.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your confidence in me and telling me that I could do it.

M.R.G., Collierville, TN

ACT score over 30!! YES! Thank you!!

I.M., Collierville, TN

Thank you Pivotal Tutoring! I got my scholarships!

A.S., Collierville, TN

Pivotal Tutoring was the answer to my prayers for my two high school students. Both of my children were struggling in the upper level math courses. With the help of JoAnn’s program they went from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s. My daughter is now is college, and with the skills she learned in Pivotal Tutoring college calculus was a breeze. My son also enrolled in Pivotal Tutoring’s ACT Prep course, and improved his score by three points. Thanks JoAnn for such a wonderful program!

L.B., Collierville, TN

Your ability to teach the kids "how to think" is great. Thanks to you, my daughter did extremely well on her ACT, in college, and on her GRE. She says you make everything "easy". Thank you..thank you...thank you!! Please continue to work with the kids -- you are making a positive impact on so many kids!

Z.K., Collierville, TN

Thank God for Pivotal Tutoring. My child was failing AP Calculus and she was able to help her understand the concepts and she improved her grade considerably.

K. G.~ Parent of Student from Collierville High School

Her tips on how to get through tests and quizzes faster (my weakness) has proven to be an invaluable resource and helped me to improve my ACT scores enough that not only was I able to obtain the Hope Scholarship, I was offered several other scholarships based on my scores.

Christina G. Senior, Collierville High school

Pivotal Tutoring saved my son's sophomore and junior years in Algebra.  Mrs. Slagle takes the time to explain concepts, teaches and promotes better study skills, and boosted my son's confidence with her "you can do anything" attitude.

We also signed him up for the ACT coaching series.  His test scores were great which will enable him to qualify for those much-needed college scholarships.  We would recommend Pivotal Tutoring to any parent looking for relief from the stress of high school education pressures.

P.S., Collierville, TN

I don’t know what we would do without Mrs. Jo! Her ability to get the kids to use logic for understanding concepts is amazing. She makes everything seem so easy. My daughter thoroughly enjoys going to her for her tutoring sessions. If my daughter is struggling in any class, Mrs. Jo gets her back on the right path. Mrs. Jo is open and available to my daughter whenever she needs it. We know how busy she is, but she always finds the time to get back to my daughter to “rescue” her before she gets stressed. We don’t have to wait until our next scheduled session. She is also available to tutor on weekends if that is what it takes. The stress and level of frustration my daughter previously experienced is gone!

My daughter applies the logic she has learned from Mrs. Jo in all of her classes and has improved ALL of her grades. We have tried other tutors before but Mrs. Jo is the one I would highly recommend. She truly cares about her students and will go the extra mile to help them succeed!

J. L., Collierville, TN

My son had been 'stuck' with the same ACT score of 19 after taking the test a few times.  After completing Ms. Slagle's class, the next time he took the ACT he made a 21.  A couple of months after that he took it again and made a 23.  Partly due to his higher score he was awarded a partial scholarship to the university he had decided to attend.   I totally attribute his higher scores to Ms. Slagle's class; she teaches students HOW to take the test.  It made all the difference.

R.F., Springfield, Tennessee.

JoAnn is a life saver. I was at my wit’s end with my daughter last year and didn’t know where to turn. She was a junior at C.H.S. and despite being very bright was failing Algebra 2. As a result, her confidence fell as well as her other grades. A friend recommended JoAnn and what a difference. My daughter said she “got Algebra for the first time in her life.” Not only did JoAnn help her with math and ACT preparation but she also became a confidant for her and her confidence soared. Today she is completing 12th grade at Gateway Christian Academy with an A/B average and she has qualified for the Hope scholarship. JoAnn has been an integral part of my daughter’s success and I will always be grateful for her personal interest and dedication. JoAnn has made a lasting contribution to my daughter as a tutor, guide, and mentor.

PRS Collierville

Our daughter needed to pass the GRE for a Master of Science program.

Math loomed large and scary! JoAnn showed our daughter a new.........logical...........approach to understanding math.

JoAnn broke-down the math into understandable parts -- the math became far less intimidating to our daughter -- made sense finally.

This summer 2008 our daughter begins her master's program!

It is my pleasure to highly recommend JoAnn as a tutor......she's one of the best out there!

P. D., Collierville, TN

Throughout high school, I was never a proficient math student. I had to work very hard to get a “B”, and the majority of the time I was awarded this “B” because the teachers knew I was trying my hardest. Algebra II was no different- in the beginning. Then my grade started plummeting despite all efforts. I tried to go to tutoring with my teacher but it didn’t help. My friend who sat behind me in class had terrible grades as well. Then, he started getting tests back and his scores were the highest or second highest in the class. Of course I asked him what happened. He told me he had a tutor who was AWESOME. So I went to Mrs. Jo!<

Never, ever have I actually understood math. Spatial thinking in general is hard for me to grasp, but Mrs. Jo simply knowshow to say it, how to show it, and will not stop until you understand it. She knows of different ways and methods to explain things. Additionally, Mrs. Jo makes students feel like people and she does not criticize any question you may have. She actually cares! She is unbiased and the greatest math teacher I’ve ever had. She’s not a tutor; she's a teacher who CARES. To top it all off, she is hilarious. It sounds very cliché, but she truly made math fun.

She and I are still friends even though I am no longer her student and am about to leave for college. I love chatting with her about everything. I cannot begin to thank Mrs. Jo for all the hard work she did for me. She could've been a college professor or an engineer, but she teaches math to kids who don't get it. I would have failed math without her. I would not have received the score I did on the ACT without Mrs. Jo. In fact, I did better on the Algebra II questions than the algebra and geometry, which I thought I understood.

Needless to say, Mrs. Jo has the answer to all of your math questions, ACT questions, and is known to give her two cents worth for free. She is a great lady!

C. M., Collierville High School